Live Wallpapers for Windows

Live Wallpapers on Windows look great! They also slow you down and you can hardly get any work done while fish swim under your icons… But hey! No questions asked…

DreamScene based live wallpapers

DreamScene live wallpapers

Here you will find a small freeware applications that will give you back the ability to set movies as background using windows Vista’s DreamScene dll. You can use your own (.wmv and .mpeg) movies for Live Wallpaper.

Details | Activator | Activators explained | Galleries

Standalone live wallpapers from various sources

Standalone live wallpapers

Freebies from the web. Various game and movie promotions. Others usually have a Full version option, Screensavers that ask for payment for Live Wallpaper part and similar.Details | Gallery

Flash based live wallpapers

Flash live wallpapers

Okozo deskop is the only flash based live wallpaper solution since Windows 7. Fond of toolbars. Worth carefuly checking out. :) Details